A veteran Brazos County constable, a bystander and the alleged shooter all died in yesterdays shocking gun battle in College Station.   Reports indicate that Brian Bachmann, a twenty year law enforcement veteran, who served thirteen years as a constable, was attempting to serve an eviction notice at home near the college and was shot as he approached the home.  Responding officers were also fired upon when they arrived on scene. The shootout with the suspect reportedly lasted for half an hour.

35 year-old Thomas Alton Caffall, the homeowner Bachmann was attempting to serve, fired the fatal shot at Bachmann and apparently wounded a female neighbor as well.  Her identity has not been released but media reports indicate she was hospitalized in serious condition.   43 year-old Chris Northcliff, a neighbor of Caffall, was caught in the crossfire and was fatally wounded.  Caffall was shot and taken into custody.  He died minutes later at a nearby hospital.