A confrontation between three biker gangs in a Waco, TX restaurant on Sunday escalated from fists, to clubs, to guns, resulting in a shootout that left nine people dead and several injured.

Tensions between biker gangs had been heightened for a few weeks at the Twin Peaks restaurant which hosts a bikes night on Thursdays.   District Attorney Abel Reyna noted that problems between the locals gangs reached a height a few weeks ago that resulted in gangs from the DFW area going to Waco to lend support.

While a confrontation began Sunday at Twin Peaks, the Waco Police Department surrounded the area along with Public Safety troopers, McLennan County Sheriff's deputies, and police officers from several others cities.  Law enforcement was securing the area when a fist-fight broke out in the restaurant and spilled outside.  According to Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton, the fight quickly went from fists, to knives and clubs, to gunfire.  Shots were exchanged between the fighting bikers and the officers at the scene.

When the scene was secure, nine people were pronounced dead with several others injured.  Victims were transported to Baylor Scott and White Hillcrest Medical, which was put on lock-down.  Officers were also dispatched to the Waco Convention Center to investigate a second crime scene and a Flying J Truck Stop where more biker gang members were spotted.

via KWTX