Most everyone I've talked to says the same thing; no road trips this summer.  The gas prices are taking a bite out of all of us to one extent or another.  And I don't know any families that can or will travel in a Prius.  Food prices are up, clothes are up, everything is up because fuel is up.  They just go hand in hand.  But what goes up must come down.  What counts is how it comes down.  Crash?  Maybe.  Gravity has a way of making the landing hurt ya know?  I'm no financial wizard.  I'm not an economist.  But I'm not stupid.  I can add, subtract, multiply and divide and so can you.  It puzzles me how, even today, so many of the so-called experts try to talk circles around us as though we are simply too dumb to understand what is what.  Yes, we all encounter people who just keep on traveling through their day-to-day life and seem oblivious to the economy.  You can't let yourself get too crazy over it all, I know.  And there are worse things that could go wrong in your life than $5 gas.  But the impact of that $5 gas will be far reaching.  It will keep lots of us home for the summer.  Some will go even if it means sending the credit cards into meltdown.  We'll be at the house, enjoying ribs and burgers off the old grill.