Just after midnight last night, multiple calls were placed to 9-1-1 reporting a loud boom on the city's south side.  Detectives investigating reports that the sound may have originated somewhere on McGaha focused on a home in the 4100 block Sunday afternoon.

Detectives interviewed several subjects and determined that someone had detonated a small quantity of Tannerite in the backyard of the home.  Tannerite is a rifle target explosive typically used as a shot indicator.  Tannerite is a mixture of aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate.  It is legal to possess and only detonates when struck by a high-velocity firearms round, such as that from a rifle.  Low-velocity rounds, fire or electricity will not detonate the mixture.

Detectives did not make any arrests but did seize several rifles and an unknown amount of Tannerite.  The investigation is ongoing.  No injuries or property damage was reported.

Below is a YouTube video showing Tannerite being detonated.  The quantity used in this video is considerably more than what was detonated on McGaha last night.