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The First Democratic Debate – Bad Lip Reading Style [Video]
I tried to watch that first Democratic debate. I laughed, I cried, I nearly vomited. And that was just the effect Anderson Cooper had on me.
The bad lip reading version of the debate is so much better than the original. They make Bernie Sanders seem interesting and Hillary less scary...
Exit Herman Cain, Stage Right
Herman Cain-darling of the Republican Party one-moment accused of cheating on his wife the next. Funny how a presidential campaign can end up in the toilet in such a very short period of time! It really does not matter whether any of the allegations
Has Obama Lost The Chicago Machine?
President Lyndon Johnson, faced with ever-increasing pressure to get out of Vietnam and a tidal wave of social issues, was sitting in the White House on the evening of February 27, 1968, watching the CBS Evening News, then anchored by the late Walter Cronkite...