Virus Discovered That Kills Breast Cancer Within a Week
Scientists at the Penn State College of Medicine claim to have discovered a non-disease causing virus that will kill all grades of breast cancer within seven days.
The Adeno-associated virus type 2 (AAV2) is harmless to humans, but apparently very deadly to breast cancer at any stage...
Experts Believe 366 Million People Now Suffer from Diabetes
During a European meeting of the International Diabetes Federation, it was announced that 366 million people now suffer from the disease — and that number is only going up.
Since diabetes is most often diagnosed in middle age, experts believe the increase in cases is at least partially due to a…
Amtrak Passengers Warned About Measles Exposure
Passengers who rode on Amtrak’s northeast regional train No. 171 last Wednesday  may have been exposed to the measles. Virginia health officials issued the alert after a foreign visitor came down with the highly contagious illness.