Gas On My Mind
If ever we have ridden an emotional roller coaster as a society, the last three years have certainly been just that.  $4.11; $1.89; $3.25;$3.99; $3.57-nauseous yet?  Gas dove to a soft-bottomed $3.57 a gallon the other day and you would have thought the National Weather Service had just ca…
Oil, Gas, Losing Some Hot Air?
Oil was trading slightly lower today and gas futures fell so much so that trading was briefly halted.  Indicators show that our consumption has fallen for several weeks now.  Leave us your comments and tell us if you're driving less.  Have you changed your habits or cut back on o…
It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Gas Pump
the guy on the other side of the pump starts talking to me. "This is crazy!", he declares. "Yep, sure is", said I. Things went down hill from there. Most of the language he used I can't use on the air
Texas City Leak May Further Impact Gas Prices
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As if the rabid speculation in the market hasn't put enough hot air under into the price of oil, we're now beginning to see details emerge about a leak at a refinery in Texas here
How Will Your Life Change?
We've come a long, long way from Beaumont, 1901.  That first gusher in the state ushered in an era of change unlike anything we'd seen since the Alamo.  It was a pivotal moment where that which we knew was displaced by the promise of great wealth and expansion...