identity theft

Texas is Selling Your Driver’s License Info
If you have a Texas driver's license, there's a good chance that another business has the information that's listed on your ID card. The state of Texas is selling our info, and they've made $2.7 million on it since 2010.
Robo-Calls Could Be Stealing Your Identity [INFOGRAPHIC]
The Federal Trade Commission says robo-calls are the number one consumer complaint they receive, and these types of calls are on the rise. Experts warn that this kind of call is an early step in a phone fraud scheme that can lead to identity theft. Here's how it works.
Identity Theft Is Everywhere You Are
From Sony to Citibank, data breaches have been the talk of the web lately.  Who’s safe anymore?  Personally, I don’t think any of us are.  Our lives are all over the place.  Everything you’ve ever done, job, credit cards, home and a…

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