Are Men or Women Better Cooks? [POLL]
A couple of generations ago, preparing meals was pretty much the job of the woman of the house.
But that has changed with more women entering into the workplace and male celebrity chefs making the kitchen a safe place for the fellows to embrace.
Is ‘Manteresting’ Pinterest for Men?
Over the past month or so, Pinterest has taken the Internet by storm, with the pinboard-style photo sharing platform proving to be especially popular with women. So does that mean there is space in the cyberverse for a Pinterest-like site geared toward men?
Enter Manteresting, which is described as a…
Are Men Becoming Extinct?
The world can breathe a little easier today: despite the worries of some scientists, it seems the Y chromosome isn’t withering away after all.
What’s the Real Story Behind Men Wearing Ties?
Despite what many a working stiff might think, men do not wear neckties to facilitate strangulation when their bosses are less than pleased with their work.
So, why do men wear this variable, often quite fashionable, and utterly useless piece of business attire?
Why Do Women Perform Better Than Men in Job Interviews?
Jobs interviews are stressful for everyone, but a new study reveals that while women are generally more on edge before meeting with a prospective employer, their interviews went better than those of their male counterparts — mainly because the ladies coped with the stress better.
Can Vodka Make Men More Creative?
Need a creative boost? Have a shot of vodka.
A new study from researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago found slightly inebriated men solved more problems requiring verbal resourcefulness in less time than did their sober counterparts.

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