Newt Gingrich

Did Newt Gingrich Fall Asleep Live on Camera?
The pace at which the Republican presidential race is going, it’s surely going take a toll on the various candidates. Lack of sleep being one. Case in point, Newt Gingrich, who dozed off in front of the camera during the live streaming at the AIPAC conference.
Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary
The Republican race for the presidency took a surprising turn Saturday as Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Primary giving his candidacy new life. Gingrich's SC win comes only 10 days after finishing fourth in New Hampshire.
Rick Perry to Drop Out of Presidential Race
Gov. Rick Perry will not be participating in the debate in South Carolina on Thursday evening. He, instead, is set to announce the end of his presidential campaign. This decision will come only two days before the South Carolina Primary.

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