On the Job

Read the 10 Strangest Job Interview Questions Ever
During an interview, job candidates can generally expect a range of standard questions. But what if a hiring manager asked something off-the-wall like “How can I get to some gold in the middle of the Amazon in the cheapest way possible?” How would you react and, more impo…
Do You Have One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America?
For most us, the only physical danger we are faced with at work comes from eating too much junk out of the vending machine or standing too close to someone with bad breath. On the upside, none of these things are life threatening and can usually be remedied with a couple of Tums and a breath mint.
How Many of Us Work From Home?
If you work at home, you’re part of a growing number of employees who do so. In fact, according to a new report, twice as many people telecommute now than just 10 years ago.

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