Do You Have a Religious Affiliation? [POLL]
For the first time in U.S. history, Protestants do not comprise a majority of the population—but not because another religion is about to surpass it. Instead, the fastest-growing religious affiliation in America is, in fact, no religious affiliation.
Would You Rather Lose Your Wallet or Your Smartphone? [POLL]
For many decades, losing your wallet was clearly the worst. Not only were you suddenly without means to pay for anything, but you had been displaced of much of your personal information and were facing hours and hours of dealing with credit card companies and the DMV. Fun!
These days, a smartphone al…
Did the Replacement Refs Really Do That Bad a Job? [POLL]
Our (three-week-) long national nightmare is over: the real referees are back. Late Wednesday night, the league and the union reached an agreement, and it looks like NFL fans can go back to yelling at an entirely different group of men in striped shirts for making decisions they disagree with. Yay!

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