Would You Quit Your Job If You Won the Lottery? [POLL]
According to a new survey from CouponCabin.com of 2,570 adults, 50 percent play the lottery. And of that percentage, 65 percent would continue to live frugally it they happened to win big.
But would a frugal life include keeping their job and continuing to draw…
What Celebrity Should Run for President? [POLL]
Before his political career, Ronald Reagan was a well-known actor. But besides the Gipper, there really hasn't been a president who was a traditional, entertainment-industry celebrity before ascending to the highest office in the land.
Should Teachers Be Allowed to Strike? [POLL]
Chicago is in the midst of teacher strike that is affecting roughly 350,000 students.
There is some debate over whether the strike is permitted under Illinois law since the unions' list of grievances extends beyond pay and benefits -- which are the only issues they have the l…

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