Wall Street

Wall Street Bonuses Slated to Decline in 2011
In news that will likely make all those Occupy Wall Street protestors cheer, New York compensation consulting firm Johnson Associates projects the average Wall Street bonus will decline by 20 percent to 30 percent this year.
Angry Mom Hires Plane to Fly Nasty Message Over Wall Street
At lunchtime last Tuesday, New Yorkers in Lower Manhattan were treated to an unusual sight — a small plane buzzing by the Standard and Poor’s building, towing a banner that read, “Thanks For The Downgrade: You Should All Be Fired.”
Commissioned by St. Louis banker and single mother Lucy Nobbe, who pa…
Default Avoided…For Now! So What’s Going On With This Market?
I'm not a broker.  I'm no financial guru.  But I can read the writing on the wall.  I try to see the forest beyond the trees.  But I'm baffled, I must say.  I thought all the urgency to raise the debt ceiling and avert a default (which is going to happen, sooner or later; sorry Timmy Geitner) was to…