wichita falls

Virtual Tour Of Historic Wichita Falls
(click play and hear how Wichita Falls began)
A Short History of Wichita Falls
In the 1800s, the Wichita Falls, Texas area was home to the Wichita Indians. A small waterfall near their village is thought to be the origin of the city's name...
City’s Original Townsite Neighborhood
5th - 6th Street to 15th Street & Ohio/Indiana - Grace Street

The original townsite generally consists of both the 'original' commercial hub and residential development dating back to the late 1800s/early 1900s.


Gas At $3.50-Is It Hurting You Yet?
On Tuesday I asked if you're going to be a citizen or a subject of this nation.  We're still citizens, for now.  But as our economy continues to stagger along, as more and more people find themselves struggling financially, they cry for leadership will grow ever louder...
City Issues Update on Weather Impact
The following is a press release from Barry Levy, Communication Specialist for the City of Wichita Falls:
City Weather Response Morning Update
-***IMPORTANT****The rolling blackouts initiated by ENCOR are cutting power to various traffic signals in the City...
Winter Weather To Whack Wichita
A rough patch of wintry weather is expected to hit Texoma tonight and into tomorrow. hazardous driving conditions are imminent. TRN reports that Daryl Williams, forecaster with the National Weather Service in Norman, Okla., said:
City Of Wichita Falls Unveils New Website
We are not the only ones flexing our web muscles... The City of Wichita Falls has created a strong web presence with the launch of their new website, which was unveiled on Monday as part of the recent "Pride In The Falls" Campaign.