An un-named 17-year-old girl working at a haunted house is in critical condition after accidentally hanging herself last Thursday.

The haunted house is a place called Creepyworld in Fenton, Missouri.

She had only been working there for two days, and was scaring guests in what was supposed to be the haunted house's master bathroom. There was a bathtub with a noose hanging above it.

Police aren't sure what happened, but they think she climbed onto the bathtub and put her head through the noose, to make people think she'd hanged herself. Then they think she slipped, and ended up hanging herself for real.

Customers were going through the haunted house at the time, but NO ONE reported that there was a hanging victim in one of the rooms. A co-worker found her hanging unconscious.

The girl was rushed to the hospital and  is now in critical condition.