It wasn't that long ago that I was a Mustang, so let's relive those good old college days.

I graduated from Midwestern State in 2012. I enjoyed my time there for the most part. I can say, in my actual major, my teachers were awesome. It's a great school and the people I met there are still some of my good friends. However, you do come to learn some stuff about the school once you start attending it.

Thomas Mammen just posted this list on Odyssey Online of Ten Things to Know Before Attending Midwestern State. I agree with the list, but most of them could be used for any college. The no Wi-fi and the campus is beautiful are my favorites. Time for me to add five of my own.

  • 1

    Research your Campus Living

    If you're someone that is going to live on campus. The newest is not always the best. For guys, get the hell out of Pierce as soon as possible. For the girls, Killingsworth isn't so bad, in my opinion it's nicer than Trigg. Sunwatcher is the king of on campus living. Screw the new Sundance apartments. I don't care if they're newer, Sunwatcher is king.

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    Don't Get the Full Meal Plan

    Midwestern State has a really good cafeteria. Monday through Friday they have some really good food. Once in awhile they would do stir fry and I remember waiting awhile for that line. It was worth it though. On the weekend, the food quality takes a massive dive. Stick with a ten meal a week plan. Lunch and dinner, you will be good.

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  • 3

    You Don't Need a Parking Sticker

    One of the many complaints with EVERY college campus is lack of parking. I never thought MSU was that bad, but I wasn't one of those people that was showing up five minutes before class started. On Taft, right across from MSU there are some parking lots that do not require a sticker. You will have to do some walking if your class is not in Bolin though, but we could all use the exercise.

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  • 4

    The Internet is All on the Same Server

    Get ready for some slow internet speeds when you live on campus. However, the one plus to having everyone's connection on the same server, you can play games together. Just plug your Xbox into your internet outlet and you play Halo with everyone on your floor. Many matches were had, with doors open, yelling at people camping. It's a legitimate strategy!

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  • 5

    Make Friends with Someone at Sundance or Sunwatcher

    When I first came to college I converted $100 into quarters for laundry. Turns out the laundry system doesn't use quarters it uses these cards you put money on. WTF! Don't worry those quarters went to good use at Taco Bell. Well, if you don't feel like paying for laundry, make a friend at Sunwatcher and walk your laundry over there. They don't pay for utility bills there, but make sure your friend's roommates are cool with it, though.

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