Good move, Lucasflims and Disney. 

If you haven't heard the story, a terminally ill 32-year-old Texas man named Daniel Fleetwood was given 1-2 months to live back in September. Last week, Daniel's wife Ashley started a campaign to get an early screening of the new Star Wars movie 'The Force Awakens' for Daniel because they were afraid he wouldn't make it to the official release date.

Daniel's story is basically the plot of 'Fanboys'. In the movie, their one friend is dying of cancer and he just wants to see Episode 1 before he dies.

Just like in the movie, Daniel was able to get his dying wish granted. Disney arranged a special screening of the new Star Wars movie for Daniel and showed up at his house with an unedited copy of the movie.

When Mark Hamill, the guy who plays Luke Skywalker, heard the news he tweeted:

Director J.J. Abrams even called Daniel before the movie. As you might expect, security was pretty heavy, and Disney brought their own equipment to play the movie on. Daniel and his wife also had to sign confidentiality agreements.

Obviously, they can't give out any details, but Daniel's wife called it, "an amazing experience!"  She also posted her thanks on Facebook to everyone who made it happen:

And here's the Fanboys trailer just for fun: