A Victoria, TX police office who was suspended last month after using his Taser on a 76-year-old man during a traffic stop was terminated after an internal affairs investigation.

Officer Nathanial Robinson, who had been a member of the Victoria, TX police force for two years, was suspended following an altercation with 76-year-old Pete Vasquez on December 11th.  Robinson pulled over Vasquez for an expired inspection sticker, but Vasquez informed Robinson that the vehicle was exempt from inspection sticker laws since it was a dealer's vehicle.  After a small scuffle, Robinson tackled Vasquez to the ground and hit him with his Taser twice.  The whole incident was caught on Robinson's dashboard camera and has since gone viral.

According to Victoria Police Chief Jeff Craig, Robinson was in violation of several department policies.  Craig said in a news release,

This is a very unfortunate incident for everyone involved. The Victoria Police Department places a high value on public trust. The men and women of the Victoria Police Department work hard each and every day to provide professional service with pride and respect to the community.

The investigation against Robinson was performed by the Texas Rangers and the results were forwarded to the Victoria DA's office who will now decide if criminal charges will be brought against Robinson.  Robinson could faces charges of oppression, injury to the elderly, aggravated assault, and assault.

via The Washington Post