I hated some of my teachers, but I had some that made a huge positive impact on my life. This principal had a huge group of students that obviously care a lot about her.

Hundreds of Frisco high school students walked out of their classes on Tuesday as a protest to their principals recent demotion. Frisco Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon paid a visit to the school on Tuesday where he met with the student body leaders in an attempt to stop the demonstration. Dr. Lyon later asked the student over the loudspeaker not to leave the building.

Well, as we all know by now that didn't happen. The students walked out because they were upset by a recent letter that was sent out. The letter informed them that Principal Slyvia Palacios was being reassigned at the end of the year to an assistant principal position at the district’s alternative school.

Members of the school’s faculty and student body, however, are now questioning whether Palacios is being punished for not bending to the demands of a few influential parents. CBS DFW cited reports of several incidents “in which parents demanded that teachers be disciplined, and Principal Palacios refused”

Good for these students for standing up for a good cause. They want a teacher there that actually cares about the students. I hope this woman can somehow get her old position back, she has the support of most of the student body it looks like.