A professor at South Texas College in Weslaco was unknowingly filmed by a student during a lecture last month where he compared the current Tea Party to German Nazis.

The professor, identified by the student filming as Blake Armstrong, said,

In 1931, which was really interesting, the Nazis — people were kind of tired of them. They’ve been around since 1920, 11 years now. They’ve won seats — they’re like the tea party! That’s such a good example. Don’t tell anybody I said that though.

But in the sense of how they politically came to power, there’s a good analogy there.  That eventually, people realized, ‘Oh these Nazis are a bunch of nuts [and] these tea party people are a bunch of nuts.’ I mean, the analogy really is a good analogy.

However, Professor Armstrong was not aware that a student began filming after he called Ted Cruz a "bastard" for using his name to win the election.  The student, who requested to remain anonymous, told the conservative website, The Blaze,

This semester, [Dr. Armstrong] insulted Republicans about three times before this video was recorded.  On this day, he called Sen. Ted Cruz a bastard for using the last name Cruz to win his election. I didn’t know exactly what he meant, but I decided to start recording.”

The student also said that it was clear that the professor has a vendetta against Republicans and religion, specifically Christianity.

via The Washington Times