A 13-year-old Galveston, TX student has passed away from injuries after jumping from a moving bus.

Mykala Hurst passed away Wednesday afternoon, two days after jumping from the emergency exit of a school bus while it was traveling 55 mph down Interstate 45.  The bus was transporting students from Jerry Esmond Juvenile Justice Center in Texas City when Hurst got into an altercation with another student.  The bus was pulled over and the students separated, with Hurst being sat in the back of the bus.  Shortly after, Hurst opened the emergency exit and jumped from the bus.  After reviewing security footage, officials said that Hurst's actions seemed intentional and no criminal activity was found.

Hurst suffered a severe head injury in the fall and was transported to John Sealy Hospital in extreme critical condition.  Hurst succumbed to her injuries Wednesday around 3:20p.  The Galveston Independent School District is offering counseling to Hurst's friends, family, and teachers.

via The Daily News