Both states have areas in the top fifteen and one of them is not too far away from us. 

When we think of dangerous areas, we all probably think of huge cities. Which is why I was not shocked to see my old hometown of Baltimore at number three on the list. I was shocked for what they had for our area. In Texas, I was thinking maybe Houston? Turns out it's Potter County, in the Amarillo area.

That county has 1,126.6 violent crimes per 100,000 people. With a population of 122,053, those are some pretty shocking numbers. In Wichita county, we actually outnumber this county by almost 10,000 people. Kind of shocking that an area smaller than us has such as violent problem. Potter County ranked six in the entire country,

Up in Oklahoma, actually not too far away from us, Carter County was named the most dangerous. The major city there is Ardmore and depending on how strong your signal is, you may be able to actually pick us up there (you can always listen online, of course).

Carter County has a violent crime average of 938.1. That county is only home to 48,288 people. Carter county ranked fourteenth in the entire country. Time to increase the peace people.

Turns out Wichita Falls can be pretty dangerous sometimes, too...