As a Cowboys fan I am praying that Tony Romo pays up on this bet. If you're a Cowboys hater, probably not so much.

Now Tony Romo did not go to Duke. He actually went to Eastern Illinois University. I am constantly reminded of this because that is where my parents went to college. So whenever Romo does good I get a text from my mom, you know he went to Eastern. That's where I went, my parents are finally excited someone famous went to their college.

Tony Romo is actually a huge Duke basketball fan and made a bet with an incoming freshman about a year ago. Jahlil Okafor had committed to Duke around this time last year and he happened to run into Tony Romo at a game. Jahlil made a 'bet' with Romo. If Jahlil wins a National Championship for Duke, Romo will follow up with a Super Bowl win.

As a Cowboys fan of course I am hoping that Romo pays up on this 'bet'. I was six the last time the team won a Super Bowl. Hopefully some of Duke's championship mojo can rub off on the Cowboys.