What's it take for a city to be "cowboy friendly?"  That's what Movoto, a real-estate blog, set out to find. The results were their Top 50 Most Cowboy Cities In Texas and guess what? Wichita Falls made the top 10! According to their results, Tyler is the #1 Most Cowboy City In Texas.

They used a few different things to determine what makes a city "cowboy friendly."

  • Western wear stores per capita
  • Steakhouses per capita
  • Saloons per capita
  • Gun stores per capita
  • American truck dealerships per capita
  • Country radio stations per capita
  • Rodeos per capita

They calculated the results only for the 50 biggest cities in Texas, so sorry, Archer City and Electra, you missed the cut.

Wichita Falls came in 8th overall but in a few of the catagories came in even higher. We were 6th in rodeos and 4th in saloons. Here's the results for all 50 cities.