It's been a part of American culture for as long as many of us can remember: summer vacation.  Schools out, mom and dad and kids hit the road and go somewhere, anywhere for a week or two.  Lots of people will do so this year in spite of the gas prices.  Some of us will not, either because we don't have the money or we just refuse to fall into the trap.  The trap I am speaking of is the trap that has been set by the speculators who are driving the price of oil and gas beyond the stratosphere despite the fact that demand is sucking wind.  We talked about it.  Yes, we could break out the Visa and take a road trip, but we just are not going to do it.  As I write, oil is back up over $100 per barrell.  Why?  These wild swings in price simply cannot be justified by supply and demand.  Supply is high and demand is as flat as flat can get.  I was born at night but not last night and I certainly didn't just ride into Dodge on a head of cabbage.  And I know that I am largely preaching to the choir on this stuff, but I hope that some of the more gullible out there will stumble upon this and have an epiphany.  Better yet, forward it on to someone you know who still thinks that all is just hunky dorey!  We're sticking close to home this year.  Does that make me a protester?  Even if it does, you won't hear any Joan Baez music coming from my car stereo.