So much for turkey day family gatherings and  "Black Friday".  This year, retailers like Wal-Mart and Target are starting the sales earlier than ever before-on Thanksgiving night!  One Wall Street Journal Market Watch article has declared "retailers have ruined the holidays".

I'm as much a capitalist as anyone, and I find it difficult to deny any business the right and pleasure of earning a living, but have we taken things too far?  Have we so totally lost sight of family that we'd rather be shopping?   Our appetite for cheap, now, fast and, well, even cheaper has led to the exporting of much of our economy to China and Mexico and now it seems has led us to value a perceived bargain over one day to do nothing but cook, eat, socialize, give thanks and ponder the Friday sales.  It's like taxes and toll roads-they rarely go away.  R.I.P Black Friday.  What about you?  Will you shop on Thanksgiving Day?