The city of Wichita Falls has two fun and free Easter Egg hunts planned for this year. Even though Easter is on Sunday the 20th, both the egg hunts will be in the weekends before the holiday. This first will be Saturday, April 5th in Lucy Park. The second will be Saturday, April 12th at the Martin Luther King Center. Make plans for either of these weekends to bring out the kids and have some fun searching for eggs and getting prizes! Here's the official release from the city:

Everyone is invited to join the Parks & Recreation Department for the City’s annual Easter Egg Hunt, Saturday, April 5th at 3pm (sharp…arrive early, parking is a premium) in Lucy Park just behind the large pavilion next to the log cabin and swimming pool.
Children will be thrilled with the thousands of individually wrapped candy Easter eggs that will be scattered over the grounds in two designated areas: one for children four and under and the other for children ages five through second grade. Members of the University Kiwanis Club, the sponsor of the event, and Parks and Recreation staff will provide supervision.
As an added treat there will be 50 specially marked eggs that can be used to claim a variety of fun Easter prizes. Children should bring a basket or sack for the hunt and arrive early to meet the Easter Bunny and McGruff, the crime fighting dog. In case of inclement weather, call 761-7495.  For more information about the event please contact the Recreation Division at 761- 7490.

The second Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for Saturday, April 12th, at the Martin Luther King Center, 1100 Smith Street. Beginning at noon children ages 10 and under will be provided with a free lunch and opportunities to win prizes and Easter Baskets. There is also a very good chance that the Easter Bunny is going to make a surprise visit so everyone is encouraged to arrive early. For more information please call 761-7980.