I have to admit, that deck with all those solar panels around it does look a little suspicious. 

A lot of people have gardens in their backyard, however, this couple was growing some illegal substances. Tri Vo and Jlicia Perry were the residents of a home that was being investigated for stolen property. When police searched the home, they uncovered an underground marijuana farm.

In the back of the residence was a deck that was surrounded by solar panels. Those panels were powering equipment below.

According to Fox 4, Over 100 marijuana plants were recovered in the process. The 'farm' underground measured out to 14 feet by 8 feet. Police also removed several stolen items from the home connected to the initial investigation.

Tri Vo and Jlicia Perry were arrested and charged with theft. They were taken to the Tarrant County jail. Other charges could be filed.

Great, now every time I see someones deck, I am gonna think they're growing weed under there.