According to a press release from the City of Wichita Falls the Texas Department of State Health Services has confirmed that 5 pools of mosquitoes in the city have tested positive for West Nile virus.  The mosquitoes were collected on July 10 and 11 from mosquito traps placed in the southern area of Wichita Falls as part of a routine surveillance program.

According to the CDC website, West Nile Virus is a flavivirus commonly found in Africa, West Asia, and the Middle East. It is closely related to St. Louis encephalitis virus which is also found in the United States. The virus can infect humans, birds, mosquitoes, horses and some other mammals.

City Health officials advise people to wear long sleeves and long pants when outside and to stay indoors at dusk and dawn.  If you go outside wear a mosquito repellent with Deet and most importantly keep your yard clean and free of areas were water can stand, giving mosquitoes a place to breed.