A question was recently posted to Reddit asking "what are some of the dodgiest workplace practices you've ever witnessed?" A few of the good answers included a paramedic whose coworkers used to steal everything out of the ambulances and only got caught when a guy tried to walk out with a stretcher, and a guy who worked at an antique book store and was told to forge authors' signatures, including Charles Darwin's.

Here are several of the best ones from Reddit:

-- "I worked for an ambulance service once. Many of the paramedics treated it like their own personal medicine cabinets. They only got busted when one genius decided to walk out of the station with a stretcher under his arm."

-- "I worked at an antique book dealer and my boss had me forge authors' signatures. I quit when she asked me to sign a copy of 'The Origin of Species' pretending I was CHARLES DARWIN."

-- "My company plays music in the background during calls. It's because a company once recorded a call with us and cut up our audio to make it sound like we were agreeing to buy something. So, with the music, you can't rearrange what we're saying."

-- "I worked at a diner. The owners hated having to pay credit card fees . . . so they'd make up the fees by docking the staff's tips."

What about you? what's the most unethical thing you've seen at work? Leave a comment and let us know.