If you have a pile of cash and want to stow it away for safekeeping in your home, where are you most likely to do it?

A new poll shows the term “frozen assets” may be more literal than you think.

The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion in Poughkeepsie, NY surveyed 1,000 American adults and found more than a quarter bundle their money alongside the ice cream in the freezer, while early 20 percent opt for a less chilly environment, choosing to have the cash share space with their socks in a dresser drawer.

Other popular hiding places include under the mattress, a cookie jar, or some other spot, but nearly a fifth said no place in the home is safe.

In that last statistic, it seems age brings wisdom (or paranoia, if you prefer) — people 45 and older were twice as likely as their younger counterparts to say that while home may be where the heart is, it’s a lousy place to keep your money.

Here’s the list of hiding places and what percentage of survey respondents use them:

Freezer – 27 percent

Sock drawer — 19 percent

Under the mattress — 11 percent

Cookie jar — 10 percent

Other – 9 percent

No safe place — 17 percent

Unsure – 7 percent