I know what shot up to the top of my Christmas list yesterday. The NFC East Champions Dallas Cowboys shirt. If you have a big Dallas Cowboys fan in your life they will want one to.

The ONLY thing that sucks about that win yesterday is how close this game is to Christmas. You can always order the shirts online from the Cowboys. You have that risk however that the shirts won't make it in time for Christmas Day. Well after calling around to some stores in town I have figured out who is trying to get them in.

All of the places are saying they're trying to order them today to get them in before Christmas. If they don't get them in, they will be stocked up the next week. I would suggest giving these three places a call tomorrow to check on if they got delivered. If you can't get a hold of one of the shirts before Christmas. Just stuff an I.O.U. a Dallas Cowboys NFC East Champions shirt card in an envelope.

Champs (Sikes Senter Mall) 940-696-3964

Hibbett Sporting Goods (Sikes Senter Mall) 940-692-1324

T-Shirt Safari 2708 Southwest Parkway 940-689-8425