The City of Wichita Falls has opted to postpone the planned July 4th celebrations due to the ongoing drought.  Barry Levy, Wichita Falls Public Information Officer, issued the following press release:

Due to extremely dry weather in the City of Wichita Falls the “4th in the Falls” 4th of July celebration has been postponed. The event, in it’s entirety, has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 3rd beginning at 6:pm. The decision was made during a meeting of Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham, City Manager Darron Leiker, Fire Chief Earl Foster, Assistant Fire Chief Bill Weske and MPEC Director Bob Sullivan.   “We know the delay of this event is disappointing but the safety and security of the citizens and their property is our greatest concern,” said Wichita Falls Mayor Glenn Barham. “Like most citizens we were all looking forward to 4th in the Falls but we cannot take a chance, not the slightest chance, of an accident occurring,” said Barham.  Fire Chief Earl Foster briefed the City Council shortly after the decision had been made during a special called meeting of the Council for a redistricting briefing, saying, “We’ve been monitoring the weather situation for three to four weeks now and the forecast is not expected to change in the next two weeks. From a public safety standpoint the safe and prudent decision has been made. It’s just too dry to allow the fireworks display to take place,” said Foster.  MPEC Director and event organizer Bob Sullivan said that, although, the event has been rescheduled it will have the same lineup of events and activities.  “We anticipate and plan for rescheduling events for any number of reasons,” said Sullivan. “I can assure everyone that the event held on September 3rd will be an exciting, enjoyable time for all who attend. So, mark your calendars for Saturday, September 3rd beginning at 6:pm and plan to join us at the MPEC for live music, food, children’s activities, a fireworks display and more,” concluded Sullivan.  Currently 125 counties in Texas have banned the use or sale of fireworks. This includes Wichita County of which Wichita Falls is the county seat. Citizens are to be reminded that the possession or use of fireworks in the City limits of Wichita Falls is illegal and punishable by a fine of up to $2000.00