When you take your kids to the playground to play, the last thing you expect to see is an x-rated drawing on the equipment, let alone ten x-rated drawings. That's exactly what one Wichita Falls mother stumbled upon at Fowler Elementary School.

Jennifer Galloway was out walking her dogs with her husband and her 7-year-old daughter around 9:00 AM Sunday morning when they stopped at the Fowler Elementary playground to play. That's when she discovered the vulgar graffiti on the playground equipment.

"I was so upset. There were dirty words and male anatomy drawings all over," Jennifer said. The vandals didn't stick to just one part of the playground either. "There were at least ten inappropriate drawings accompanied by filthy words drawn with a sharpie on almost every piece of playground equipment." she continued.

Upon seeing the obscenities, Jennifer's maternal instincts kicked in and she immediately walked the 5 blocks back home to load up on cleaning supplies to clean it all up. "I knew it wasn't going to be an easy task, so I grabbed everything I could: Comet, Magic Eraser, and even some toothpaste and WD-40," she said. Jennifer then spent the next two hours of her Sunday morning in the heat getting 'down and dirty' scrubbing away the smutty sketches.

Jennifer says she was able to clean off pretty much all of the graffiti. She then sent an email to Fowler Principal Mr. Hill explaining what had happened. Mr. Hill sent his maintenance crew out to the playground first thing Monday morning to clean as well.

The WFISD maintenance department says that vandalism on school property has not been a big problem. They get about 1-2 vandalism calls per month and always make it a priority to get it taken care of immediately.

When Jennifer was asked why she took it upon herself to clean the playground she said, "I feel terrible my kid had to see that; I don't want other kids to see it. It was just the right thing to do."

Well, Jennifer, we think we can speak for every parental figure in Wichita Falls when we say THANK YOU for doing your part to keep our community a clean and safe place for our children.


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