A Wichita Falls Police Officer was cleared by a Grand Jury on Wednesday.  Officer Scott Poole was on patrol in the early AM hours of July 13, 2014, when he discovered a fight between rival street gangs at a bar on North Scott Ave.

Officer Poole was alerted to a suspect who had pistol whipped a rival gang member and pursued the man in his patrol car.  34 year-old Armando Aleman tossed a gun in a vacant lot as he was running away from Poole.  Poole began foot chase and once he caught up, Aleman pulled a second gun on the officer.

Poole drew his weapon and fired and struck Aleman once.  Other officers on the scene performed CPR on the suspect until first responders could arrive.  Aleman was pronounced dead at 2:37am at United Regional.  Officers recovered both of the suspect’s weapons at the scene.