The Wichita Falls Travel Plaza, constructed in 2012, is about to have a new name. On November 5th the Center will be renamed to honor the late Clarence Muehlberger. Muehlberger, a long time Wichita Falls businessman, passed away in May of 2014.

The name change was approved by the Wichita Falls City Council back in August. The following is from the council agenda item:
Mr. Muehlberger worked diligently for many years to improve the highway infrastructure around Wichita Falls and the adjoining region during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. It was through his efforts, along with other Community leaders, that encouraged the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to begin building the freeway system in Wichita Falls in the early 1960s.

His work was recognized by TxDOT in 2001 when they awarded Mr. Muehlberger the “Texas Road Hand” Award. This award is the highest honor TxDOT gives to a private citizen. Mr. Muehlberger’s efforts literally laid the foundation for several local highway projects, such as Henry Grace Freeway, Central Freeway, East Central Freeway, Northwest Freeway, and Kell Boulevard.

Muehlberger owned and operated a downtown Wichita Falls clothing store that bore the family name. Muehlberger’s Men’s Wear was founded by Clarence Muehlberger’s grandfather. The downtown retail store closed in the mid-1980’s. The Travel Center re-naming ceremony will begin at 11 am next Thursday at 306 Scott Ave.