If you've ever been to Texas Nite Life in Wichita Falls on a Thursday night then you've probably heard of 'Happy Hour in Texas' with Lee B. Weaver. It's a local live talk show, hosted by Weaver, that features interesting and fun interviews with local personalities, live music and a little bit of comedy sprinkled in between. However, the October 11th episode of Happy Hour in Texas proved to be more than your average night of music and entertainment.

The show was moved from the regular Texas Nite Life venue to Underground Tattoo studio on Kemp street so that a very special guest, Kari Samus of Wichita Falls, could receive her first tattoo - a teal ribbon - live on the show. Kari's sister, Jakie, is currently undergoing treatment for stage 4 ovarian cancer and the teal ribbon tattoo is in support of Jakie's fight with the ravenous disease. Kari says that getting the tattoo was no easy decision. During her interview with Weaver Kari said, "I'm pretty scared, honestly. It scares me a lot."

The story begins weeks prior to the show when two of Kari's sisters told her they were getting tattoos in support of Jakie and asked if Kari would like to get one too. After battling with the idea and putting off deciding whether or not to get the tattoo, Kari came across a Facebook post by Weaver asking if anyone wanted to get their first tattoo live during his show. When she saw the question, Kari says she immediately thought, "It's fate, its gotta be." Needless to say, Kari chose to face her fears and go through with getting this very special tattoo - and Lee Weaver's 'first tattoo' show became more meaningful than he ever imagined it would.

In support of Kari's honorable gesture, representatives from the American Cancer Society were in attendance at this special edition of Happy Hour in Texas. The ACS representatives talked about the ACS mission and shared very important information about cancer awareness, while also collecting donations.

To top off this memorable event, special musical guests It Hurts to be Dead shared their amazing musical talents by performing several songs.

Kari, we salute you for showing your support for your sister and cancer victims everywhere. We wish the very best for you and your family.

Watch Kari Samus tell her story + get her first tattoo:

This very special episode of Happy Hour in Texas included interviews with Kristen Chandler, owner of Underground Tattoo; John Foshee, Kari's tattoo artist; Kathy Rodriquez, American Cancer Society rep and music from the band It Hurts to be Dead. Click the button below to watch the show in its entirety.