If you're like most of us, your Facebook friends are a mix of people you actually know and like, and a bunch of random people you think you might've drunkenly met at a party in 2009.

Here's one BIG benefit of all those fake friends.

A woman in Jupiter, Florida got her Coach purse with $1,500 inside stolen at gunpoint by four men when she got out of her car last week. Two of the four guys were wearing masks, but two of them weren't. One of them was 29-year-old Quincy McGee.

The robbery victim recognized him because they're friends on Facebook.  Very random Facebook friends. It's not clear where they met, and they obviously didn't know each other very well.  But she knew it was him and forwarded his profile to the cops.

McGee was arrested and charged with robbery with a firearm. His bond was set at $25,000.

There's no word on whether the other guys have been caught yet.

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