Compared to a big city or a metroplex, driving through Wichita Falls doesn’t suck so bad.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t irritating parts around town.

Top 5 Worst Traffic Lights In Wichita Falls

1.  Call Field @ Lawrence

If I understand my history correctly, going west on Call Field used to lead into a one-lane road.  This necessitated having the right lane on westbound Call Field to be a right turn only lane.  However, now that we have two lanes, AND the fact that the right lane is the easiest way to turn into Mazzio’s and McAllister’s, its time to retire the right turn only lane.  So many times people forget about it and drive right through, including my mother-in-law who got her very first ticket 3 years ago when she drove straight through.


2.  Lawrence @ Call Field

Wait… didn’t we just do this intersection.  Yes we did!  This intersection is so bad, it gets two spots on the list.  This time, its coming from Lawrence Rd.  Turning left at Call Field from Lawrence is sometimes one of the scariest moments you can have behind the wheel.  If you’re turning left, I advise staying in the far left lane on Lawrence.  If you’re in the center lane, you’re running a huge risk of some idiot in the left lane thinking, “Dang it, I need to turn at Rhea,” and crossing lanes in the middle of the intersection.  Now, this advice goes for people who, like me, have small cars.  If you’re driving a heavy duty pick up, by all means ride it through.  If they hit you, that’s their problem.


3.  Rhea Rd. @ Southwest Parkway

This is an intersection that not many people are aware of when it comes to its level of suckage.  Only those who live in the neighborhoods nearby or who use the back road behind Chuckie Cheese have experienced the touchy nature of this light.  Going north on Rhea, if you want to turn right on Southwest, you’re good to go.  Want to turn left?  GOOD LUCK!  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat at this perpetually red light while the other three directions go through several cycles until I get fed up, turn right, and make a U-turn at the first available chance.


4.  Maplewood @ Midwestern

Let’s count.  I see two “right turn only” signs, and there’s another one outside of the picture.  That’s THREE seperate signs telling people that if they are in the right lane, they must turn right.  Just like Call Field @ Lawrence, there’s no real reason to make this a “right turn only”.  Staying in this lane makes it that much easier to turn into American National Bank after the light.  But unlike Call Field @ Lawrence, I believe people drive straight through because they are ignoring the signs, leaving the people in the left lane who are driving straight through in a bind if they need to get over after the light.


5.  Wyoming @ Fairway

Again, another little known bad intersection.  I know this because its the best way to get out of my neighborhood.  When Wyoming hits Fairway, it becomes Call Field.  If you want to turn left, stay in the left lane.  If you want to turn right, stay in the right lane.  Simple enough?  There’s even a sign explaing this at the intersection!

You have any idea how many pairs of underwear I’ve ruined turning left at this light only to see the person in the right lane doing the same?!


Honorable Mention

Not a traffic light, but still amazingly irritating.

This is a yield sign that so many drivers in Wichita Falls ignore.  This is the on-ramp to the Kell East Freeway from Lawrence Rd.  This is one of the only parts of the freeway where the on-ramp merges with another lane, hence the yield sign.  Its been 15 years since my driver’s ed at Alpha Omega, but I do recall that the drivers on the freeway have the right-of-way when an on-ramp merges into their lane.  And everyday on my way to the station, I tense up a little when I get to this part because of the several near colllisions I’ve had with people who don’t think the yield sign applies to them.