I’ve deliberately reserved much of my opinion on the George Zimmerman trial for two reasons: First, this whole mess was a political show from day one and the so-called ‘mainstream media’ was hell bent on distortion and half-truths.  And second, I knew that, if the jury had a half a brain between the six of them, they’d see that the second-degree murder charge in the death of Trayvon Martin was overreaching at best. Zimmerman's arrest, 46 days after the shooting took place, was driven by political pressure and demands from Al Sharpton and company for 'justice', no matter what.

Why did George Zimmerman do what he did?   Zimmerman chose to follow Trayvon Martin that February night because he was suspicious of his actions or behavior.  Words were most certainly exchanged and Martin ends up on top of Zimmerman, pummeling the guy 'MMA style' according to eyewitness Jonathan Good.   In that moment, Zimmerman had a split second to make a call: do I use the gun I’m carrying for my own defense or risk this guy knocking me out and taking the gun and using it to kill me?

Zimmerman chose to fire. Was Trayvon armed?  Apparently not.  But he was also clearly not the innocent little boy portrayed by the media in the early stages of this case.  Early photos published showed a child of 11 or 12, not a young man of 17.  This portrayal was dishonest, to say the least.  Did Zimmerman know, for a fact, that Martin did not have a gun or weapon of some sort?  No.  And under those circumstances, anyone with any sense of self-preservation will assume the othe party is in fact armed.

Under Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law, Zimmerman was within his rights. Under the basic premises of self-defense, he was within his rights. The state had no case from day one. Now comes the trial circus and the state's first star witness, Rachel Jeantel, a 19 year-old high school senior (you do the math on that one) and friend of Martin's, testifies that she was on the phone with him at the time of the fight.

Prosecutors chose to put her on the stand and almost immediately they regretted that decision, though I doubt any of them would openly admit so.  Jeantel torpedoed the 2nd degree murder allegations against Zimmerman.  Her statement about Martin referring to Zimmerman as a ‘creepy-ass cracker’ was eye-opening, to say the least.

She actually asserted that it was not a racial slur.  Really, Rachel?  But the ‘N’ word, spewed ad nauseam by rap ‘artists’ and ill-mannered white boys alike is a racial slur?  Well, of course it is, regardless of the skin tone of the individual saying it.  But seriously Rachel, you did the prosecution no service with your ignorant, ill-informed and ill-conceived opinion on racial slurs.  I’d like to think this young woman walked away from that witness stand having learned a lesson.  I doubt that she had any sort of epiphany.  In a way, I feel very sorry for her.

Should Zimmerman have followed Trayvon Martin? Most of us would say no, but it’s easy to suggest that after the fact. But given the evidence as we know it right now, we have to believe that Zimmerman was doing what he thought was the right thing to do at that moment.  Regardless of what his true motivations were, at least two individuals know the truth-George Zimmerman and God Almighty.  I hope, for the sake of his soul, Mr. Zimmerman has been no less than honest.

Now, Mr. Zimmerman and his family will most certainly have to relocate and go into hiding for a time.  The collection of idiots who've taken to Twitter, Facebook and other places, vowing to commit or attempting to incite others to violence is appalling.  The sheer stupidity flows like a fountain, even from the mouths of C-list stars like New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, who tweeted-

"Thoroughly confused. Zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up to him."

Can you imagine the firestorm that would ensue if the races were reversed in this case?  Cruz would be released or at least suspended.  It was a stupid comment and was deleted from his account, but not before everyone and their editor captured it and shared it for the world to see.  Cruz, of course, has since apologized.  How nice of him.

The outcome of that night was tragic for both Martin and his family and Zimmerman and his family, too.  Did Martin have a right to assault Zimmerman? The evidence says not at all.  Would any of us have responded any differently than George Zimmerman under the circumstances? Let's pray we never have to find out. The only reason Zimmerman was charged at all was due to the politicizing of the events by Obama, Eric Holder and Al 'Bullhorn' Sharpton and company. And now, even after a jury (of 6 women, by the way) acquitted Zimmerman, these same political figures and others are now pressuring the Justice Department to file a federal civil rights case. If this nonsense is allowed to happen, justice in our country is truly dead.