Fillmore Neighborhood

Seymour Hwy. - Kemp Blvd. - 10th Street - Fillmore - Taylor

A much beloved neighborhood remembered for cardboard sledding and spring bluebonnets, Fillmore hill boasts several unique properties, mostly built in the 1920s. Three of Frank Kell's daughters were given land here to build homes after their marriages - Carrie O'Donohoe at 600 Fillmore, Sadie Bullington at 601, and Sibyl Cahoon at 602. Other notable properties in this area include 800 Fillmore (1920), 2500 9th Street (the Fonville-Clark House circa 1909-1910), 2501 9th Street (1925) and 2504 9th Street (1925).

Riverside Cemetery and Lucy Park

Seymour Hwy. - Sunset Blvd. - Riverside - Terrace Street

Adjacent to the Fillmore hill area on Seymour Hwy. is the Riverside Cemetery and Lucy Park.  Since the burial of Sarah Jarvis in 1879, Wichitans from all walks of life have been interred at this site. Thieves and heroes, politicians and businessmen, mothers and fathers and children are all represented by the wide variety of tombstones and mausoleums. A fire in 1921 destroyed the Riverside Chapel and cemetery records. Reconstructed records are online at the City's website.

Wichita Falls was named for a small waterfall on the Wichita River that was washed away in the 1880s. Nearly a century later, locals determined the city needed a waterfall to call its own. Lucy Park, situated behind Riverside Cemetery, is home to a 54-foot, multi-level cascading waterfall constructed upstream from the original, natural falls, within the park's 178 acres.