Yes, some areas in Texas are a little boring and flat. But, while the southern and far western part of the state contains deserts, we also have beautiful beaches, tall trees (in East Texas), natural springs, and some of the most epic swimming holes. We also have some pretty sweet-looking waterfalls.

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I recently went on a trip to Hawaii and the waterfalls I saw there were breathtaking. Just the sound of water pouring in is enough to make you go into full relaxation mode.

But, what about Texas waterfalls?

You may not realize it, but Texas also has a ton of waterfalls. Some are about as awesome as you could imagine, while some waterfalls in the Lone Star State are not as awesome. Either way, there are many waterfalls to consider right here in Texas.

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You might recognize some of these waterfalls, or at least the areas they're located, from a previous article about the amazing swimming holes we've got here in Texas. Keep scrolling to check out some of those swimming hole photos as well.

10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Texas

Did you know that Texas has quite a few waterfalls? Yep, we have more than just oil, horses, cows, and cactus.

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Next time you're up for an adventure, book a stay at one of our amazing state parks and do some exploring. Who knows, you might come across a waterfall that few have ever seen.

Now, back to the swimming holes I mentioned above. Texas has a ton of those to go splashing in as it gets hot in the Lone Star State.

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