Stay with me for a moment, YOU, yes YOU, can own a kangaroo.

Imagine how fun it would be for you to own a kangaroo. You could put stuff in its pouch and use it as a living fanny pack. There's no more forgetting where you left your keys, if you always put them in your kangaroo's compartment.

You could also get one of those ultra-buff kangaroos. With a kangaroo-like that, no one would bully you because they would be afraid that your kangaroo might just jump in and kick the fear of god into them.

Of course, having a kangaroo would also be a great conversation starter. People would ask you questions like, "Is that a kangaroo?" and "How'd you get that kangaroo?". Yes, you and your kangaroo would be quite the pair at social gatherings.

So here's some great news for you, there's nothing stopping you. It is legal to own kangaroos in Texas. While you're at in, you can also adopt a sloth, cradle a kinkajou, or love a lemur, all of which are legal to keep in Texas.

As with any other pet, keep in mind you're making a commitment. Kangaroos can live up to twenty years. Not only that, you are required to dress them up in funny clothes during the day and pajamas during their bedtime (okay, I made that last part up).

Now comes the tough part, what will you name your kangaroo?  How about "Roo-dy", or "Roo-fus" if it's a boy, or "Roo-th" or "Roo-by" if it's a girl?  You're welcome.

Good luck to you and your kangaroo pal on your life adventure.

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