Shocking Incident in Houston: Police Officer Shoots Armed Man Running in Front of Store

The video at the bottom of this article is hard to watch, so viewer caution is advised.

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We will be breaking down the footage without any context whatsoever, so keep that in mind.

Running From the Cops

As the video opens, we see a man in a white shirt running in front of a store away from the camera. A police car comes screeching to a halt directly in front of him.


Shots Fired

The man immediately turns around and starts hauling butt in the opposite direction. A cop jumps out of his vehicle and starts yelling at the man to drop his gun. He yells it multiple times and then begins shooting at the other man.

We counted nine rounds, but it's hard to say because the officer fired them off so quickly.


Justified or Nah?

This is the part of the video where it gets disturbing. Lying on the ground after he has been shot, the man claims he dropped the gun as the officer asked. It's hard to tell from either of the angles provided in this video if this is true.


What do you think? Was the officer justified in his decision to shoot this man? We have a Second Amendment right to bear arms in this country, but if you choose to run from the cops with a firearm in hand, they have to what they deem best to keep the rest of the neighborhood safe.

Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Check out the video below:

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