If you recently watched America's Sweethearts on Netflix and are curious what the squad from last season is up to now. Check it out here.

America's Sweethearts Now Streaming on Netflix

By now, you have probably knocked out the seven episode series on Netflix that followed the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders through the 2023 season. You see the audition process, what the squad does in between games and then the conclusion of the season as they decide if they will return or not. 36 women made the squad and the show focuses on a select few. Here is what they have been up to since the show ended.

Reece Weaver

A rookie cheerleader that got a lot of attention was Reece Weaver. This past April she married her fiance Will who was also featured on the show.

Anna Kate Sundvold

Anna is fairly quite on social media. On the show, she was featured a lot because her sister was on the squad previously. Anna's sister was unable to make the squad last season due to an injury.

Caroline Sundvold

Here is Anna's sister Caroline who now sells medical equipment in the Dallas area.

Kat Puryear

Kat without a doubt was the most outspoken about the pay the cheerleaders received. She was not on the squad during this show's filming, but still helps out as coordinator for DCC. She is also a realtor in North Texas.

Victoria Kalina

If you needed a cheerleader to root for on the show. It was Victoria. She went through a lot in the 2023 season. Seems like she barely made the squad and at the end of the season was hoping for some advancement next year. Seems like that wasn't going to happen, Victoria has moved to New York City in the hopes of being a Rockette during the Christmas season. You know she can nail the high kicks.

Camille Sturdivant

Camille is also fairly quiet on social media. She was the rookie of the year as we saw on the show and plans on coming back next year.

Sophy Laufer

Sophy without a doubt had the most real moment on the show. During one of the games, she claimed she was groped by a photographer on the sidelines. She actually tried to press charges, but the Arlington Police Department claimed they did not have enough video evidence to do anything. The cameras show everything Sophy went through during this moment. Even with all that, she does plan on coming back next year.

Kelcey Wetterberg

One of the big story lines of the season was Kelcey. She knew this would be her fifth and final year as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. You can see her share with the younger girls what they need to do to make it as a DCC. She felt like the number one cheerleader everyone would come to if they had an issue. In the final episode, we see she gets engaged. Just one week ago, she picked out her dream dress.

Not everyone gets to make the team and sadly one of the players we saw cut before the season was Kelly. She isn't calling it quits though, she is officially trying out for the 2024 team.

Charly Barby

Charly was another one that was sadly cut from the show. Just like Kelly, she is also trying out for the 2024 season.

Anisha Kurukulasuriya

Well Anisha was another cut, but she will not be returning for another tryout this season apparently. Looks like she teaches Bollywood style dancing classes in Dallas.

Ari McClure

She didn't make it onto the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but Ari still made it to the NFL. Not featured on the Netflix show after she was cut, she actually became a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. It's unclear if she plans to stay there or try out in Dallas again. She was criticized for being too tall and it's kinda hard to change that.

Madeline Salter

Many of the cheerleaders on the show had moms that also made the team in year's past and one of them was Madeline. She is planning on trying out in 2024 which would be her fourth year on the team.

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