The actions of a woman aboard a flight out of Texas has caused her to be fined a record breaking amount.

Anybody Remember This Video?

Back in July of 2021, a woman named Heather Wells went viral for acting out aboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte. Surprisingly, we don't have any video of what she allegedly did while onboard. We just have the video of the aftermath of her being duct taped into the seat. So what did Heather Wells allegedly do?

Heather Wells Charged and Fined With the Following

  • $45,000 for threatening, hitting, spitting as well as attempting to kick and head butt crew and passengers.
  • $27,950 for attempting to open the cabin door in-flight.
  • $9,000 for interfering with crew member's duty performance.
  • This adds up to a grand total of $81,950 the highest fine in FAA history.

During the incident, she allegedly threatened a flight attendant and attempted to open a door mid-flight to get off the plane.

Federal Government is Suing Heather Wells of San Antonio

This story is now re-going viral because Heather has failed to a pay a dime of her fine and the federal government is now suing her for it. The FAA has instituted a zero tolerance policy for unruly behavior while flying since 2021. If you are attempting to harm crew or passengers while aboard a flight, they plan on filing charges against you. Heather is one of the more viral stories since the crew and passengers actually had to physically restrain her in her seat with duct tape.

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