You come at the King, you best not miss.

Watch Joey Chestnut Below Prove He's The King of Hot Dogs

Yesterday was The Fourth of July and besides fireworks being the American tradition. We always have the Nathan's hot dog eating competition. Sadly, the American hero Joey Chestnut was banned from this year's event. This is like when Michael Jordan retired to go play baseball. No matter who won that year, everyone would say, "If Jordan was playing he would have won." Same thing with Joey.

Watch the Nathan's "Championship" Below

Shout out to Patrick Bertoletti, he was in a no win situation yesterday. Yeah, he did great, but everyone is going to shame the winner because we all know Joey would have destroyed more than 58 hot dogs. Well, Joey proved it yesterday at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas.

Watch Joey Chestnut Compete on the Fourth of July in Texas

Thanks to the army base in El Paso for hosting Joey Chestnut yesterday. Joey competed against four army men to see who could eat more hot dogs. That's right, FOUR AGAINST ONE and Joey still mopped the floor with them. Joey ate 57 hot dogs and the four army men ate 49. For every hot dog eaten, $1,000 was donated to Operation Homefront which helps military families with financial assistance. $107,000 was donated thanks to Joey and the guys.

Joey Lost to the Nathan's Champion?

Some morons online are claiming that Joey only ate 57 hot dogs, compared to Patrick who ate 58 at the Nathan's competition earlier that day. Please note, Joey's competition was five minutes long, while Patrick's was ten minutes long. You know how many more hot dogs Joey could have ate with FIVE EXTRA MINUTES?! Shout out to Joey and everyone in El Paso that helped cheer him on. F*** Nathan's hot dogs for banning the American hero, will never eat one of their hot dogs again.

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