A recent brawl between Texas High School hockey players spilled over into the bleachers. 

Fighting is just part of hockey. Everyone knows and accepts that as a fact. But when the fight goes beyond the ice, that’s a problem. 

As is usually the case when it comes to my “expert” analysis of viral videos, I have no idea why those guys were brawling. Not that it really matters. We are talking about hockey and as I alluded to earlier, fights come with the territory.

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But I don’t recall seeing a hockey fight get as out of hand as the one in the below video. 

It’s one of those fights when it’s hard to tell who is trying to get in on the action and who is trying to break things up. It looks to me as if some of the people involved are doing a little bit of both. 

Not to get too preachy here, but it’s not a good look. As a sports fan, I don’t mind it when tempers flare and players come to blows. But it’s important to know the boundaries. 

And fighting among the fans is way over the line.

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