The skyline is a little different in one part of town after yesterday.

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Well the oldest water tower in Wichita Falls is officially no more. City officials awhile ago found out that the steel structure supporting the water tower was failing and that it would eventually collapse. Good news for citizens in the area, a new water tower was installed and is already online serving the community. The old water tower was up for almost 100 years in town.

Old Water Tower Near 9th and Beverly

wichita falls water tower
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Obviously you don't want this water tower to randomly fall over, so the city did a controlled demolition yesterday. Workers cut the anchor bolts off of the water tower so it would tumble over on it's own yesterday. If you heard a loud boom on Tuesday morning on this side of town, it was probably this. The good news is that the new 4.5 million dollar water tower will outlast the previous one.

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Citizens in the area now have a much larger water tower, three times as big in fact. This means more potential firefighter hookups and better water pressure in the area. The old water tower will be cut off and hauled off.

Watch Wichita Falls Water Tower Topple Over

According to an engineering website, steel water towers, like the one we dismantled above. Tend to need repairs every 20-25 years. The new water tower that the City of Wichita Falls installed is more expensive, but should require less maintenance than the previous steel structure.

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